Hey guys! This is a new category of posts, where I try to answer all the questions I’ve been asked about photography. I figure that I have all this wedding & portrait photography knowledge up top, and it couldn’t hurt to share! Seriously, I have too many thoughts. 

So I’m going to start writing tips & tricks posts here and there. If you have questions about photography that you’d like me to answer, shoot me a quick email or ask me on Facebook

Newborn photography is awesome. And I don’t just mean awesome in the, “This-is-so-cool” sense. I mean, they are awesome in the, “Wow, I can’t believe those people just created a new person” sense. There’s such a magical feeling to newborn portraits, and it makes them completely different from other family portraits in many ways.

So here are some tips for newborn lifestyle portraiture!

Newborn portrait photography by Maggie Winters 001


There is no right way to have a newborn lifestyle session. Lifestyle portraits are all about you, and your personal version of “normal”. So, if you’d like to serenade your little one on the kazoo, or read books, or take a nap, or a walk around the neighborhood–all will be great for the photos. Well, the napping probably not so much. But sessions are pretty short, so you can nap afterwards :)

I have an idea of the photos I’ll take during a newborn session, so you don’t have to make a ten-item list, but if there’s anything you would specifically like, let me know.

Know what you want as far as a general idea of photos. If there are special family heirlooms you’d like to include, put them aside ahead of time. If you’d like photos of baby in any specific place, jot down a little list somewhere. Those first few weeks of being a parent are really crazy, hectic, and unpredictable (I’m told), so if you write a couple things down to remember at the session, it’ll be that much easier for us to take all the photos you not-so-secretly hoped for.

Newborn photography lifestyle portraiture 002


Siblings are great for newborn photos. Human or animal siblings!

Lots of outfits are a good idea. We usually use 2-4 outfits, depending on how agreeable your little one is during the session and how many you’d like to use. Since most newborn portraits are taken indoors at your home, a plain white/light colored onesie can be a nice neutral outfit. It’s generally ideal to have a plain outfit, maybe one with a bold pattern or two, and one goofy/funny outfit, depending on your personal taste.

Visitors tend to come often when you have a newborn baby, but the most relaxed newborn sessions are those with just your photographer, you (and your partner & siblings), and the baby. If grandparents would like to be included, I suggest they arrive about 45 minutes into the session. Sessions usually last about an hour, so that leaves a few minutes to take some photos with the grandparents, without the stress of additional people during the session.

And have a really, really good time! Lifestyle sessions are all about you, so you’ll be in the photos, and if you’re having a great time it’ll definitely be reflected. Even if the baby cries the whole time, we’ll still get great shots! I have literally had a baby scream for 80% of her newborn session, and the photos are some of the best newborn photos I’ve taken to date.

As always, if you have any questions about your newborn session, outfits, lighting–anything–give me a call or email!