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documentary photography :: janae & shawn’s new house!

MaggieWinters JS VSCO MJW 4966 1024x683 documentary photography :: janae & shawns new house!
I love documentary photography because it allows me to capture slices of people’s real life; not so much “sit here with Grandma and smile” but more like “this is how our lives are now, and we want to remember that forever”. I love documenting real life! Just look at all the awesome!

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Grandma GammonMay 14, 2014 - 3:34 PM

Good luck in your beautiful new home.

All our love

KatieMay 14, 2014 - 12:08 PM

I must have JUST missed you guys – cause my husband commented he saw a couple getting photos taken, and we saw this lovely couple walking back home post-shoot! What awesome pics – and I’m obviously biased but love the Del Ray backdrop ;) Great shots!

Amanda & Liz’s DC Elopement with Pop Wed Co

MaggieWinters PopWed AL S7G 3377 Amanda & Lizs DC Elopement with Pop Wed CoAmanda and Liz flew in and out on the same day for their DC elopement wedding! We had entirely too much fun at their wedding ceremony in Dupont Circle’s Spanish Steps, and then we explored the area for some awesome photo ops.

Check out the whole post on Pop Wed Co’s blog (guys — managing two blogs is nuts!) and let us know what you think! We still have a spot for April…icon biggrin Amanda & Lizs DC Elopement with Pop Wed Co

002 MaggieWinters PopWed AL S7G 3204 1024x731 Amanda & Lizs DC Elopement with Pop Wed Co006 MaggieWinters PopWed AL MJW 1447 1024x731 Amanda & Lizs DC Elopement with Pop Wed CoMaggieWinters PopWed AL MJW 1564 731x1024 Amanda & Lizs DC Elopement with Pop Wed CoMaggieWinters PopWed AL MJW 1872 1024x731 Amanda & Lizs DC Elopement with Pop Wed CoMaggieWinters PopWed AL MJW 1610 1024x731 Amanda & Lizs DC Elopement with Pop Wed Co

Our First Pop! Wed Co Wedding at the Most Epic Place in DC

005 MaggieWinters PopWed BT MJW 0951 Our First Pop! Wed Co Wedding at the Most Epic Place in DCOur first ever Pop! Wed Co elopement wedding went even better than we ever could have imagined! The rad guys at the  Blind Whino SW Arts Club helped us show TC & Bev an awesome & totally unique time on their wedding day — just check out this crazy building (hands down my favorite place in the city)!

Here are a few images — check out the whole post over at Pop Wed Co’s blog.

004 MaggieWinters PopWed BT MJW 0949 1024x683 Our First Pop! Wed Co Wedding at the Most Epic Place in DCMaggieWinters PopWed BT  MJW0216 1024x681 Our First Pop! Wed Co Wedding at the Most Epic Place in DCMaggieWinters PopWed BT MJW 1112 1024x683 Our First Pop! Wed Co Wedding at the Most Epic Place in DCMaggieWinters PopWed BT MJW 1307 1024x683 Our First Pop! Wed Co Wedding at the Most Epic Place in DCz MaggieWinters PopWed BT MJW 1268 1024x682 Our First Pop! Wed Co Wedding at the Most Epic Place in DCSO many more images over on Pop Wed Co’s blog!

Nicole & Olivia’s Navy Yard Engagement Session

ON MJW0914 1024x731 Nicole & Olivias Navy Yard Engagement SessionNicole, Olivia and I had the most fun wandering around Navy Yard for their engagement session! We met up on the very last day of 2013, found a few really cool spots that I’d never seen before, and oh yeah, that Art Yards building is awesome. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should! Way too giant and beautiful. View full post »

Introducing Pop! Wed Co: Elopements of Awesome are Alive!

Wondering what we’ve been up to lately?

Well, I’ve been working on some awesome stuff at iStrategyLabs, but Steven and I have also been cooking up a brand new project so that elopement weddings are better able to fit into my now-quite-hectic schedule!

Our new venture is called Pop! Wed Co, and we’re offering a one-stop shop for the most awesome elopement weddings in DC. Steven has recently been recognized as a Humanist Celebrant in DC, so he is a legal wedding officiant (!) and I will be photographing our weddings, plus an awesome portrait session after the ceremony!

Check out the stop motion video we made to introduce our new project!

The photography offering will be a lot like what I currently offer for elopement weddings—like Jenn & Chris’s wedding, Pri & Jaan‘s, and Sarah & Mal‘s. Elopement weddings are one of my favorite aspects of photography, and I’m so excited to be able to offer four elopement weddings a month with Pop! Wed Co.5x3 02 Introducing Pop! Wed Co: Elopements of Awesome are Alive!


Each wedding will be just over an hour, with a short ceremony and then an awesome portrait session. We’ll offer four weddings on one day per month at a different crazy-awesome location each time! Check out more details on our website at, and get married exactly how you want toicon biggrin Introducing Pop! Wed Co: Elopements of Awesome are Alive!

matt & andrew’s backyard-of-awesome wedding

MaggieWinters MA 292 matt & andrews backyard of awesome wedding

Matt & Andrew were married at Andrew’s Aunt’s home in Maryland—one of the most amazing homes I’ve ever seen! It was overcast on their wedding day, but the rain managed to hold off until right after the ceremony (and then promptly started to pour). We had so much fun photographing Matt & Andrew’s relaxed, love-filled wedding day. Somehow our couples always end up having the most awesome families and friends!

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jenny & mo’s awesome in home anniversary photos

MaggieWinters VSCO 2 099 jenny & mos awesome in home anniversary photos

There are few things I love more than in home photography with gorgeous light and a fun couple! Well, except a really good ice cream cone.

Jenny & Mo live in a beautiful light-soaked building that was just perfect for photography, and they are awesome! Plus, their cats. Cats are too much–absolute cute perfection. We photographed around Jenny & Mo’s house for a while and then caught a glimpse of a totally empty parking lot right outside their window (so of course we had to hop over there for some photos!).

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post-grad life and super-gigantic schedule changes

MaggieWinters CCADGRAD 026 3 1024x529 post grad life and super gigantic schedule changes

I think this photo makes this first sentence redundant, but I’m going to write it anyway. I am officially a college graduate! I graduated from the Corcoran College of Art + Design last month and promptly began freaking out about what it is that I would like to do for the forseeable future.

My degree is in design. I’m currently working as a photographer. I love both to the ends of the earth and back. But 24 hours a day is so little time for so incredibly much awesome work to be done!

I stumbled on an insanely awesome-ly amazing design agency in DC: iStrategyLabs. I realized that if I were to take a full time design position–which would greatly reduce the amount of time I’d have for photography–I would have to work for absolutely the best agency in the city. I don’t want just any job; I already have the coolest job in the world, and I’m not jumping up and down to leave it to go work in a cubicle.

But then I met the team at iStrategyLabs, and got to know their office culture–hint: they don’t work in cubicles–and saw how crazy committed they are to creating some of the highest quality design I’ve seen. And when they offered me a full time position, I absolutely had to accept. They are too awesome!

Screen Shot 2013 06 23 at 3.30.02 PM post grad life and super gigantic schedule changes

So, starting today, I will be working as a designer at DC’s most awesome agency. I will still be photographing on a limited basis–full time hours and a commute to the city doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for after work photography. But I am determined not to miss out on you guys and all of your awesomeness. I will not miss the most awesome weddings in DC! I will absolutely celebrate the first birthdays of the brand new humans I met this year. I might not have an open schedule, but I will do everything in my power to make time for the coolest couples and families in DC.

I’d also like to say an enormous THANK YOU! to everyone who I’ve been able to meet and get to know over the past two years, and especially to my incredible parents and my partner Steven, who have been endlessly supportive throughout, well, my entire life. Or in Steven’s case, 8+ years of it. You guys all rock x1000!

graduation momdad 1024x777 post grad life and super gigantic schedule changes

Look at these goofballs. How could we not be related?

I’ll still be all over the place and I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find me wherever you look (that pink hair is pretty much a dead giveaway)–but I’m also online if you wanna chat about all of these new schedule changes, or my evil/awesome kitty, or why mismatched socks are awesome.

If you’d like to have a session with me this year and haven’t booked it yet, please please get in touch right away! I have very few dates available and want to make sure I can fit everyone in, so I’m planning quite far in advance.

So, let’s have a collective high five for total work-awesome! I can’t wait to get started!

Tiffany KJune 24, 2013 - 11:28 AM

Way to go, Maggie! So proud of you for scoring an awesome job and being a superstar photographer. I’ll have to email you soon about a 1-year birthday shoot :)

“so, what’s it like to be a same-sex wedding photographer?”

MaggieWinters 0494 so, whats it like to be a same sex wedding photographer?


A note: this post has been sitting in my drafts folder for a while. It’s hard to figure out exactly what I want to say when I really just want to scream LOVE ROCKS GUYS CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ON BOARD? I was finally prompted to finish my own thoughts after reading Stephanie’s in this Offbeat Bride article.  We have to start a conversation to enact societal change, and hopefully the conversation will involve lots of hugs and high fives.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about same-sex wedding photography: how it works, what are the challenges, how is it different than opposite-sex wedding photography, etc.

When people talk about the changes and differences in wedding photography based on the couple’s gender, I get confused. Maybe because the way I photograph, I shoot people, not based on their gender or specific poses or ‘normal wedding photography’ or whatever–but based on who they are. I don’t go to a lesbian wedding with a different style in mind than a two-dude wedding or a dude-woman wedding. I go to the wedding with no style in mind at all until I meet my couples. Some couples are goofy and hilarious, some are romantic, some are retro-awesome, and some are shy and a little nervous (which usually turns into fun and goofy). None of these things are based on their gender.

I almost always ask my couples to skip. I just think it’s fun. Everyone likes to skip. Is it a “gendered” activity? Fuck “gendered” activities. It’s fun. If someone’s wearing heels and they think they’ll fall, we skip the skipping. If no one wants to jump off a park bench, we don’t jump off a park bench. If they have a badass secret handshake, I photograph the secret handshake.

MaggieWinters PriJaan 008 so, whats it like to be a same sex wedding photographer?

Total secret handshake awesomeness!

I get that I am an offbeat/wacky/weirdo wedding photographer, and maybe that makes me less concerned about things that other wedding photographers might focus on–like a traditional bridal gown, or a couple’s difference in height. I am probably not the norm as far as posing, shooting style, experience, etc.

But I say to every wedding photographer on the planet: stop posing people based on their gender. Stop focusing so much on the bride. Stop treating couples based on gender binaries: regardless of orientation, a lot of couples don’t fit that mold.

15MaggieWinters253 so, whats it like to be a same sex wedding photographer?

Gendered pose? Nah. How about pure awesome instead?

For a lot of people, marriage equality is a new thing, and that is ridiculous, since same-sex couples have been around forever. But ridiculousness aside, I know we have to talk about it as a society and I am more than happy to tell everyone about how awesome all of my couples are. That’s why, in my opinion, resources like the Capturing Love Guide are such an important part of the equality conversation.

But for me, when people ask me about gay weddings, or gay marriage, and I look at them weird, it’s because I don’t consider them “gay weddings”. They’re weddings. When people ask how photographing same-sex weddings is different than photographing opposite-sex weddings, I say that it’s not. It’s about love, not gender.

I hope that when people look at my images, they don’t see a “gay couple”, they see a couple in love that might be gay or might be straight or might be bi or really, who can discern sexuality from one photo so why even try? I hope that people who don’t support marriage equality look at my images and see love, see themselves and their partners reflected, see that it’s wrong to make laws against happiness.

Because really, it’s a couple in love, guys–they’re awesome.

e MaggieWinters JC092 so, whats it like to be a same sex wedding photographer?

Sally BroffJune 13, 2013 - 1:29 PM

Not only am I proud of my niece for writing such a great post, but my sister for raising such a great daughter!

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