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Way Too Much Fun: George, Clara, and their Parents!

I had such a great time with George and Clara, and of course their parents! I’ve known Tammy and Tom since I photographed their wedding a few years ago, and have had such a great time getting to know their kids. It’s always so much fun to see kids grow–last year they were so much smaller! George has long hair now! But they’re still the same goofy, awesome kids I saw a year ago, and we even had a spontaneous repeat picture of last year.

Last year's kiss photo...


This year's kiss photo, backwards!

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The New Family in My Old House | Arlington Family Photography

So a couple weeks ago I photographed the family that bought my parent’s house! As in, the house I grew up in, was convinced was haunted (shh, don’t tell them!), and made fun of endlessly. (It is so perfectly symmetrical that it looks exactly like the house every child draws in school–two stories, four windows…you get the picture).

Despite my childhood musings, it is a really great house, and I’m so glad that my parents sold it to such a nice family! When we moved in, almost every family had kids around my age, and now that we’re all gone all we’re hoping the same thing happens with the next generation. It was way too much fun.

So without further ado, take a peek inside my old house (baby Luke’s new house)!


Exploring the Park! | Arlington Family Photography

A fun early-summer session at Bon Air Park ended abruptly when someone slipped into the stream! (Don’t worry, it was just a little water-no scrapes!) We got some cute shots before, though, and Dad and his son got to cool off with a quick dip in the water. I loved that this family brought fun props like bubbles and flowers to play with; it really made the kids excited and happy to be at the park!

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First Baby Excitement! | Old Town Maternity Session

This session was way too much fun! We met in Old Town, Alexandria–always an amazing spot for an early morning session–and I snapped away! My favorite parts were the sonogram shots (you can really see a little personality forming!) and the bright yellow wall down by the waterfront. Bright colors always make a session more fun!

A Whimsical Family Photo Session / Arlington Family Photographer

I had such a great time photographing this little girl and her awesome parents last week! Her mom definitely did her homework when it comes to what to wear, bring, and suggest–the clothing is beautiful yet casual, and allowed everyone to have a casually fun experience. We played duck, duck, goose–and of course, who can resist a good chase in a large open field like Bon Air Park!

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Chase Tackle & Hug / Arlington Family Photographer

I photographed Teagan a few months ago by herself, and we got great smiles when she said the names of her kids. So of course I was psyched to meet them! They played chase, tackle, and gave each other cute hugs; I love when my sessions turn into playtime! It makes for amazing photos–and it’s so much fun.