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Musician Maternity Photography Ideas

When I first met Michelle & Brandon at their maternity session, I could feel how incredibly excited they were to meet their son. Waiting nine months to meet the little one must take so much patience! Look how absolutely cute Silas is!

From pregnancy to parenthood, Michelle, Brandon, & Silas:

Dad with tattoos, Newborn Lifestyle Photography

how to: prep your home for a photo session

It’s no secret that I love photographing in the homes of my families. It’s so much fun to capture you in the place you’ve decorated and lived in and now call home. The backdrop might be a favorite piece of art, or a brand new kitchen, or the tail of the family pet. Any way you slice it, it’s too much fun!

Sometimes it can be intimidating to welcome a photographer into your home knowing that your it will be immortalized forever on film. But that’s the fun part guys! I promise.

Since I don’t do a whole lot of crazy editing, here are a few things that you can do around the house so it looks like the best version of itself.

In Home Photo Session Ideas with Maggie Winters

1. If there’s something you’ve been putting off, like hanging a new print or changing the blankets on the bed, the time is now! If you do it before the photos, you’ll have proof of the awesome. Doublewin.

Creative Offbeat Maternity Family Photography DC

dylan’s newborn photo session | newborn lifestyle photography

Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Maggie Winters (16)This newborn lifestyle photography session with Dylan and his parents reminded me exactly what I adore about newborn photography. I walked into their beautiful house right near where I grew up and was immediately taken with their style–everything was modern and beautiful and their bedrooms are drenched in gorgeous sunlight! Oh yeah, and Dylan is THE cutest thing, which made the entire session a breeze!

Prisming Newborn Photographer Maggie Winters (25)

Paige’s Too-Cute-Dog-Kisses Newborn Session | Arlington Baby Photographer

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I’ve met so many new parents this summer, and I can’t help but notice the role that their pets play in their new babies’ lives. At Reese’s newborn session a few weeks ago, Pickles the kitty was very interested in being a part of the session. Then, at Paige’s newborn photo session, she was cuddled by the cutest, most gentle dog! I also have dog envy–must. adopt. puppy.–so I always notice the cute little pets running around.

Paige was so happy and relaxed, and her parents were so excited to finally be able to hold her. Congratulations Lynn & Erin, she is beautiful!

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Iain + Will | Maternity and Twin Newborn Lifestyle Photography

Danielle and John are one of the first couples to take part in our new parents package! I got to photograph them twice, once for their maternity session and once when their beautiful newborn twins were born. It’s so much fun to photograph both sessions, because after meeting Mom and Dad at their maternity session I am way excited and curious to meet their new babies! The sessions are a really beautiful exploration of how life changes from pregnancy to parenthood with each new baby.

As soon as we started talking I knew that Danielle and John were going to be awesome–we shot their maternity session at a carnival! Their excitement about Iain and Will was beautiful to watch, and then when I got to meet the boys it was even more fun. Congratulations Danielle and John on two beautiful boys!

Lifestyle maternity photography in Arlington VA


ella’s home | arlington newborn lifestyle photography

Arlington Newborn Lifestyle Photography

I met Ella and her parents last week at their home for her first photo session! She was wide awake and quite a hungry little thing, and we got some beautiful photos. I love sleeping newborn photos, but I really, really love the shots when they wake up and see you, and you can see those tiny wheels turning in their heads trying to figure out what’s going on. Newborn lifestyle sessions are one of my favorite types of photography because I get to capture a completely new time in parents’ lives, getting to know their new baby and becoming parents (for the first, second, third, or even twelfth time!). I bet in ten years Ella will get a huge kick out of these photos.

Thanks for having me, Ella, and I hope to see you again soon!

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she’s already wearing monsters! | alexandria lifestyle photography

I met little Cassie a couple weeks ago when she was just a month old. She has to be one of the most expressive babies I’ve ever met–she already has such a fun personality, I can only imagine what she’ll be like in a few years! Oh yeah, and she wore a monster onesie. So she wins best-dressed baby in my book!

Check out her way-too-adorable faces. Congratulations Mom & Dad–she’s definitely a keeper.

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