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rebecca’s fun headshots in the rain

Headshot photography is really interesting for me because it brings out so much of the personality of one person. With family sessions, the interaction between family members is the focus of the images–but with headshots, it’s all you!

I photographed Rebecca in and around her Dupont Circle home on a nice-turned-rainy morning. She was so much fun to hang out with–always laughing and so easy to photograph!

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oh yeah, headshots can be creative too / turning the camera on myself.

So I really hate having my photograph taken. Really. A lot.

But I thought it would be kind of interesting to have my own creative headshots taken and see what it feels like to turn the camera on myself. Plus, it’s not exactly professional for a photographer to have an iPhone photo of herself on her website.

Enter my partner, Steven, with my camera in hand and my car key in the other.

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