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Office Tour: the Fab offices are a creative paradise.

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I checked a seriously awesome adventure off my bucket list recently: photographing the insanely awesome Bradford Shellhammer and the Fab offices. When I discovered Fab I think I squealed out loud: they curate well designed stuff, from food and clothes to vintage stuff and kitchen accessories. Everything is brightly colored. Their branding is beautiful. And their slogan?

Smile, you’re designed to.

Lovelovelovelove. Fab is awesome. So I probably acted like a total fangirl walking around their impeccably well designed office and brightly colored walls with gorgeous art hanging everywhere. But it was way fun.

Check out the office tour below!

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headshots with personality | arlington creative business photography

DC creative Headshot photography 01

Headshots are often considered pretty much the most boring kind of portraiture, well, ever.

But they totally don’t have to suck! Creative headshot photography is fun, easy, and affordable–for website bios, corporate use, building your online personality, and pretty much anything you can think of.

I shot Alexandra’s headshots in about twenty minutes one morning. Easy, quick, and as you can see–fun. Since it was such a great time, I’m going to start offering a special headshot package. Plus, super specials for groups. Email me for more details & to book!

Alexandria creative Headshot photography 01
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oh yeah, headshots can be creative too / turning the camera on myself.

So I really hate having my photograph taken. Really. A lot.

But I thought it would be kind of interesting to have my own creative headshots taken and see what it feels like to turn the camera on myself. Plus, it’s not exactly professional for a photographer to have an iPhone photo of herself on her website.

Enter my partner, Steven, with my camera in hand and my car key in the other.

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