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Big Blue Eyes, Cute Little Cheeks | Alexandria Baby Photographer


arlington baby photography first birthday photo session 0001

Little Harper was so much fun to photograph, I wanted to take her home! She was excited as soon as I arrived at her Del Ray house, and gave me non-stop smiles and cute baby noises the entire session. She got such a kick out of my flash, not to mention her Mom’s peek-a-boo. If you like the smiley stationary baby shots, about six months is the ideal age for baby portraits–or, when babies sit but don’t crawl quite yet–because once they start moving we get cute in-action shots but almost never sit-still shots! I’m betting Harper is going to be quite the crawler soon!


Spring Groupon Sessions!

I’ve been meeting some great families and having really fun Groupon sessions at Bon Air and Barcroft parks! The rose garden at Bon Air Park is blooming more every day. It’s been brought to my attention that there aren’t very many good photos of any of the parks online, so I thought I’d post some photos taken at the parks during the sessions to make it easier for people to choose their preferred park!

Here are photos from recent sessions:

Kira Swinging