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old friends, new kiddos | arlington family photographer

I absolutely love black and white photography. Sometimes I really miss my Pentax K1000 and the darkroom–some shots just feel like they want to be black and white film. The shots below, for example–those trees look gorgeous in black and white, and the emotions of the image really come to the surface. I make it work with digital! One day I’ll have my darkroom back though :D

On to the photos!

Andrew is an old family friend, one of the reasons that Mom had the basement soundproofed when I was a kid (they played a lot of jazz). I haven’t seen any of those guys in a while, so it was so great to catch up with Andrew, his wife Morgan, and their kids! It always baffles me how quickly they grow up–the last time I saw little Jonathan I think he was about the age his sister is now! I love photographing families and getting to watch them grow and change over the years. I can’t imagine how much these kids will have grown the next time I see them!

Arlington Family Photographer Maggie Winters (1)Childrens portrait photography by Maggie Winters  (11)Arlington Family Photographer Maggie Winters (9)Arlington Family Photography by Maggie Winters  (10)Arlington Family Photography by Maggie Winters  (8)Creative outdoor family photography by Maggie Winters  (7)Family portrait photography by Maggie Winters  (6)Arlington Family Photographer Maggie Winters (2)Black and white baby photography 05Creative Arlington Family Photography Maggie Winters  (4)Arlington Family Photography by Maggie Winters  (3)

Arlington Family Photographer Maggie Winters (3)
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she’s already wearing monsters! | alexandria lifestyle photography

I met little Cassie a couple weeks ago when she was just a month old. She has to be one of the most expressive babies I’ve ever met–she already has such a fun personality, I can only imagine what she’ll be like in a few years! Oh yeah, and she wore a monster onesie. So she wins best-dressed baby in my book!

Check out her way-too-adorable faces. Congratulations Mom & Dad–she’s definitely a keeper.

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oh yeah, headshots can be creative too / turning the camera on myself.

So I really hate having my photograph taken. Really. A lot.

But I thought it would be kind of interesting to have my own creative headshots taken and see what it feels like to turn the camera on myself. Plus, it’s not exactly professional for a photographer to have an iPhone photo of herself on her website.

Enter my partner, Steven, with my camera in hand and my car key in the other.

05 Washington DC Creative Headshot photography

A Birthday Full of Smiles

One of my favorite parts of photographing is getting to see babies grow up through my lens. It’s so mind-boggling to see a tiny little girl who has just learned to sit up, and then a few months later she has teeth and crawls! You might remember baby Harper from her summer session, with the cutest cheeks and biggest smile–and her birthday session was even more fun (if that’s possible!).

Check her out at her six-month session (left) and first birthday session (right).


Exploring Shirlington on Hands & Feet | Shirlington Portrait Photographer

Shirlington Portrait Photographer Maggie Winters 01

I just love photographing in the fall–those gorgeous colors and so much warmth outside! And little Alistair was so much fun to photograph. He isn’t quite walking yet, but is crawling all over the place–including right up to the camera! He has the cutest chubby baby cheeks and big blue eyes and had a great time exploring the Shirlington park on his little hands and feet.

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Way Too Much Fun: George, Clara, and their Parents!

I had such a great time with George and Clara, and of course their parents! I’ve known Tammy and Tom since I photographed their wedding a few years ago, and have had such a great time getting to know their kids. It’s always so much fun to see kids grow–last year they were so much smaller! George has long hair now! But they’re still the same goofy, awesome kids I saw a year ago, and we even had a spontaneous repeat picture of last year.

Last year's kiss photo...


This year's kiss photo, backwards!

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I’m on Pinterest!

You guessed it, I finally joined Pinterest! It happens to be pretty much the most awesome thing ever and I have a feeling I’ll be pinning away non-stop for the next few weeks. I have several pins specifically dedicated to photography and what to wear, including session inspiration, what to wear ideas, and wedding inspiration!

There are some great fashion pieces on Pinterest, and I’m hoping the what-to-wear board will help my families who are sometimes unsure which of their choices would look best in photographs. Remember–don’t wear white! Layering is your best friend when you don’t want a full outfit change (especially for Fall sessions–throw on a scarf, sweater, or jacket for a few shots!)–and don’t forget the accessories. A couple pieces of jewelry, a belt, hat, or favorite pair of rain boots really make your outfit look more put-together and fun! There are also some great picks for kids, and awesome vintage styles.

All of my boards are from the perspective of a photographer–this stuff will look awesome in photos! I hope you’ll be inspired for our next session! As always, I love to hear your ideas so feel free to email or call if you want to discuss some creative ideas :)



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So Your Kid Wants a Camera…

Not my shot, but soo cute!

I’ve recently had several sessions with young children who have showed lots of interest in my camera (why not, it has fun buttons!), so I thought I’d share a recent post from Offbeat Mama about just this topic. Kids and cameras, for me, is a tricky subject because with a crazy-expensive-pretty-fragile rig like I have, it’s tough to share. However in this digital age, there’s no reason that a curious kid shouldn’t have a fun little camera! I am totally open to letting toddlers bring a toy camera around and “help” me take some photos–plus, it can make a really cute prop.