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Paige’s Too-Cute-Dog-Kisses Newborn Session | Arlington Baby Photographer

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I’ve met so many new parents this summer, and I can’t help but notice the role that their pets play in their new babies’ lives. At Reese’s newborn session a few weeks ago, Pickles the kitty was very interested in being a part of the session. Then, at Paige’s newborn photo session, she was cuddled by the cutest, most gentle dog! I also have dog envy–must. adopt. puppy.–so I always notice the cute little pets running around.

Paige was so happy and relaxed, and her parents were so excited to finally be able to hold her. Congratulations Lynn & Erin, she is beautiful!

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old friends, new kiddos | arlington family photographer

I absolutely love black and white photography. Sometimes I really miss my Pentax K1000 and the darkroom–some shots just feel like they want to be black and white film. The shots below, for example–those trees look gorgeous in black and white, and the emotions of the image really come to the surface. I make it work with digital! One day I’ll have my darkroom back though :D

On to the photos!

Andrew is an old family friend, one of the reasons that Mom had the basement soundproofed when I was a kid (they played a lot of jazz). I haven’t seen any of those guys in a while, so it was so great to catch up with Andrew, his wife Morgan, and their kids! It always baffles me how quickly they grow up–the last time I saw little Jonathan I think he was about the age his sister is now! I love photographing families and getting to watch them grow and change over the years. I can’t imagine how much these kids will have grown the next time I see them!

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A Birthday Full of Smiles

One of my favorite parts of photographing is getting to see babies grow up through my lens. It’s so mind-boggling to see a tiny little girl who has just learned to sit up, and then a few months later she has teeth and crawls! You might remember baby Harper from her summer session, with the cutest cheeks and biggest smile–and her birthday session was even more fun (if that’s possible!).

Check her out at her six-month session (left) and first birthday session (right).


Exploring Shirlington on Hands & Feet | Shirlington Portrait Photographer

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I just love photographing in the fall–those gorgeous colors and so much warmth outside! And little Alistair was so much fun to photograph. He isn’t quite walking yet, but is crawling all over the place–including right up to the camera! He has the cutest chubby baby cheeks and big blue eyes and had a great time exploring the Shirlington park on his little hands and feet.

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The New Family in My Old House | Arlington Family Photography

So a couple weeks ago I photographed the family that bought my parent’s house! As in, the house I grew up in, was convinced was haunted (shh, don’t tell them!), and made fun of endlessly. (It is so perfectly symmetrical that it looks exactly like the house every child draws in school–two stories, four windows…you get the picture).

Despite my childhood musings, it is a really great house, and I’m so glad that my parents sold it to such a nice family! When we moved in, almost every family had kids around my age, and now that we’re all gone all we’re hoping the same thing happens with the next generation. It was way too much fun.

So without further ado, take a peek inside my old house (baby Luke’s new house)!


Eleanor’s First Home | Capitol Hill Newborn Photographer

I met little Eleanor and her parents at their Capitol Hill home in a beautiful little neighborhood! Having spent my toddler years on Capitol Hill myself, with very few photos of the house, I was so glad her parents wanted to use their house as our photographic space. Eleanor is so beautiful and took some amazing pictures–I can’t wait to see her again at the next stage of baby-hood!

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Big Blue Eyes, Cute Little Cheeks | Alexandria Baby Photographer


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Little Harper was so much fun to photograph, I wanted to take her home! She was excited as soon as I arrived at her Del Ray house, and gave me non-stop smiles and cute baby noises the entire session. She got such a kick out of my flash, not to mention her Mom’s peek-a-boo. If you like the smiley stationary baby shots, about six months is the ideal age for baby portraits–or, when babies sit but don’t crawl quite yet–because once they start moving we get cute in-action shots but almost never sit-still shots! I’m betting Harper is going to be quite the crawler soon!


Arlington Family Photography | The McFadden Family at Bon Air Park

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This session was way too much fun! She wasn’t quite walking yet, but was crawling up a storm, and giving us tons of cute and goofy faces! These photos are a great new view of Bon Air Park, from a more vintage perspective. Having our session early in the morning allowed us to wrap it up right as it was getting a little too hot outside! My prediction? This family¬† has a toddler model on their hands!

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Double the Cuteness! | Arlington Twin Photography

My first session with newborn twins, Jonah and Aaron, was so much fun! It’s amazing to see two brand new little people who are already experts at cuddling, hugging, and even play fighting. Whenever we placed the babies together they seemed to calm down–even at just a couple weeks old! Their sister Shoshana was excited to have her grandparents visiting, and to be getting attention, and it made for a really fun session. Thanks again to Jaimee and Jeff, and congratulations on the adorable new babies!

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First Baby Excitement! | Old Town Maternity Session

This session was way too much fun! We met in Old Town, Alexandria–always an amazing spot for an early morning session–and I snapped away! My favorite parts were the sonogram shots (you can really see a little personality forming!) and the bright yellow wall down by the waterfront. Bright colors always make a session more fun!