A few months ago I was approached about having a few of my photos included in a new book–a resource for same sex couples and their photographers. Excitement ensued–I love when others see the love between my couples, and of course it’s always fun to be published too! But when I saw the book for the first time and read the words next to each photo, my experience changed completely.

Arlington Photographer Maggie Winters in Capturing Love Guide
This book is not about my photos. It’s not about being published, or really about pretty pictures at all. It’s about a new age in our society, where love trumps all and anyone can be married without discrimination. It’s seeing two women absolutely in love, sharing their experiences with marriage and wedding photography to help others going through the same exciting yet terrifyingly awesome experience of being married.

The photography tips & tricks are helpful and fun. The photographs are absolutely beautiful–the 37 other photographers featured in the guide inspire me to no end. And the love that went into making, writing, and compiling everything–amazing.

Thank you so much to Kathryn Hamm and Thea Dodds for creating such a valuable resource in a beautiful way. Thank you to my couples featured in the book, for being awesome and too much fun. I’m honored to have my photographs included in the Capturing Love Guide and am looking forward to seeing where it goes from here!

Note: I’ve only used a couple photos in this post because I want the book to be a surprise for readers everywhere! Grab your copy of the Capturing Love Guide book on Lulu here.

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