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the process

When I receive a new booking form, I get super excited and email you back as quick as I can. I’ll reply with some dates, thoughts, and any additional questions. If you’re interested in creating a fun theme or style for your session, we can brainstorm and moodboard and come up with some awesome ideas!

I don’t take deposits, so once we’ve booked you for a date you’re ready to go. I’ll be in touch a couple days before our session date–if you don’t hear from me please do call or email–and then I’ll see you at the session! Please plan to be at least 15 minutes early to get parked, situated, and ready to be photographed.

The session fee is due on or before the date of your session. Checks are preferred, so you’re welcome to bring one to our session.

A day or two after your session, you’ll receive an email with the link to your proof gallery. You can view the images, share them on Facebook, send the link around to friends, and order prints/albums/products through the site. With the Deluxe Package, you can download the high resolution digital negatives straight from the gallery and you’ll have the option to print them yourself.

It’s as easy as that!

what to expect

When you hire me, you should expect beautiful images that reflect your personalities. Once I meet you/your family/whomever I am photographing and talk with you about any specific shots you’d like to have, I’ll let you pretty much have fun and run wild, and I’ll capture the fun and cuteness! I do offer some direction upon request, but generally all the laughing, giggling, and dancing makes the photos more awesome than I ever could with poses. With kids I find the results are much better if I let them lead, and follow and photograph as I go. Of course we can also set up any specific shots you’d like to have (family portraits, siblings, etc.) too.

You’ll find that I’m very flexible and easy to work with. I like to be engaged with my clients as much as possible rather than just staring through the camera.

I generally edit the photos the day after our session. Who likes to wait?! I like to finish a session within a day or so because I’m more focused, however during busier parts of the year this isn’t always possible. It will occasionally take me a couple days to have your proof gallery ready.

session length

In most cases, sessions are about an hour. I photograph quickly and generally find that about an hour is when kids (of all ages) tend to lose steam (especially in unpleasant weather!). We always build in some extra time, though, and with the Deluxe Package there’s definitely more time to play with if everyone’s up for it!


I do light adjustments of each image (light/dark, color correction) before it’s displayed in your proof gallery. At your request, I can also process a select number of images in various vintage and color styles. I don’t offer wrinkle removal, “photoshopping”, or object removal from images, because I want the images to be beautifully truthful in every way and not even the least bit artificial.

how many images do you shoot?

I generally shoot about 500 images during each session, which yields a proof gallery of about 50-80 images.
The number of images you actually receive depends on the package you’ve purchased. If you’ve purchased the Deluxe Package, you will be able to download all of the full resolution photographs from the gallery.

If you purchase another package, you won’t receive any images with your package but will be able to purchase prints, digital negatives, albums, and photo products through the online store.

will images from our session be on your website/blog/social media?

Yes! The images from our session will probably be on my website, blog, Facebook, and generally used to promote my business. This is written into the session agreement and applies to every single session that I book.

If you do not want your images used in the session, *you must contact me in advance* as additional charges do apply. After all, my business is based off my portfolio–I’d have nothing for you to see if I couldn’t your images.


My official cancellation policy is that I do my best. I will do my best to reschedule your session for a time that’s convenient for both of us, because I know things in life don’t always go as planned.

However, if you have to cancel please call with at least 24 hours’ notice. For portraits that are cancelled within 24 hours I charge a $25 fee to rebook.


I strongly suggest that you plan to be at least 15 minutes early, especially if we’re in a location where you have to find parking, or if you need to get dressed, made-up, hair fixed, unexpected outfit changes, etc.

If you’re late to our session it will cut into your session time. I reserve time for each session, but please do understand that I have a schedule too and can’t always stay late because you arrived late to the session.


Since I do a lot of sessions outside, weather can be tricky. If it rains on the day of our session, we’ll have to reschedule. It’s never quite predictable working outdoors, but so worth it!

image ownership / copyright

Technically, I own all images taken during our session. However, when you purchase digital negatives, the images are under a shared license between myself and you–you have a personal use license, which means you can print them and use them online. Hence the reason I encourage purchasing of the images; you can use them as you’d like.

If you order prints from me, you do not have permission to reprint them.

Images in proof galleries are not to be downloaded or copied. They aren’t full resolution and have embedded copyrights, so please keep this in mind.

can i buy the whole gallery?

Of course!

Downloading of full resolution photos from your gallery (within 24 hours of payment receipt) is just $200. (And it is included in the Deluxe Package!)

Custom archival DVDs are available through the gallery store as well.

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