I thought it would be especially appropriate to pin some awesome home decor items since I have been a homeowner now for six days! {I promise, a new house post is coming soon. Not while we’re still in boxes though!}

Bright doors make this room so cheery and fun!

A chalkboard table is great for family game night...or doodles.

I love the bright blue of this bookcase--plus, color coded books are fun!

This laundry room is so clean, and that blue wall may make me less likely to get mad when I wash my car keys!

This outdoor organization is awesome! Plus, anything to organize the hose.

So organized, no spiders in the cereal here! She writes a really interesting blog about her Zero Waste Home, too.

This entry room is so fun! Maybe not so much if you have a cat (like mine) who would take over the shelf space...but if not, great storage.

For the goofy pin of the day...chair socks! Such a fun way not to scratch the hardwoods.

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