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I seriously cannot believe I haven’t blogged this yet! Too busy ogling over the cutest/prettiest/most fun photos on the entirety of the internet. So! You’re wondering what my new blog project is, dear reader(s if I’m lucky)?

It’s a brand new collaborative blog project featuring the most creative non-wedding photography on the planet. That’s right–the planet! There’s a real photo session feature from the Philippines and one from Rio de Janeiro. Way awesome.

Shutterfairy Photography for Awesome People

seriously, this engagement session is from the Philippines!


I have all this random photography knowledge up in my noggin (as do many other photographers). I figured there should be a place where people could go to find inspiration and advice for planning photo sessions–non-photographer people. And we photographers can help out by writing advice posts and sharing super-not-secret-but-weird tips for getting the most out of your photo session!

It might not be the Google of portrait photography quite yet (heh) but there are some absolutely beautiful features up there from the likes of Erin Wallis, Allison Andres, Wired Momma, Design Mom, and so many more. And in the next couple weeks we’ll have interviews with Photojojo (YES!) and the incredibly talented senior photographer Michelle Moore, plus tons more real photo session features and advice posts out the wazoo.

If you have questions about photography, from pricing to locations or anything in between, email me or tweet em at me. I created it just for you guys, my wonderful and awesome clients–so enjoy, get involved, and share with everyone you know!



(oh yeah, and you can check out the blog here: or on twitter @forawesomeppl)


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