Jennifer and Chris came to DC to be married, and it was way too much fun. Seriously, the whole time I was thinking wow, I can’t believe I get paid for having this much fun! The wedding ceremony was held in Tiffany Newman‘s office, and then we hit the Mall for some strolling, carousel-ing, and Hirshhorn hanging.

Washington DC Creative Elopement Photography

Photographing elopements is really an amazing experience. In most cases, I’m the only guest at the ceremony, and I get to hang out with the couple on their wedding day! It’s really beautiful to see two people legally wed, and to experience their first moments as a married couple alongside them, camera in hand. I always joke that I never have to ask a couple to smile on their wedding day–so much happiness–Jennifer and Chris were so ecstatic all day, so happy (I wonder if their cheeks hurt from all that grinning!).

Jennifer and Chris, I had such a great time with you guys. Congratulations on your marriage and have an amazing life together. I hope our paths cross in the future, because you guys are too much fun not to hang out with again!

A side note: The Hirshhorn’s Belief + Doubt exhibit by Barbara Kruger is hands down the most insanely beautifully amazing art exhibit I have ever seen. Maybe it’s because I am a typography geek. But regardless–I recommend checking it out!

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