I went down to the Botanical Gardens early last week to meet up with Matt and Jake to photograph their elopement. The Botanical Gardens has an odd policy on weddings–that they aren’t allowed. It seems strange to me for a couple reasons: I’ve photographed an elopement there before (I had no idea it wasn’t allowed), and man, that scenery is beautiful. We figured that by no weddings they probably mean, “Don’t bring 50 people and chairs and an aisle runner to the gardens and expect us to be cool with it”. When in reality, elopements are more like three people having a conversation and me snapping away like some sort of goofy pink-haired weirdo.

We met up with Tiffany (one of the coolest officiants on the planet!) and wandered through the gardens for a bit until we found the perfect place, just hidden enough not to be interrupted, and Matt and Jake were married.

Congratulations guys, I had a great time and I hope to see you again soon!

Note: I don’t encourage going against the policies of gardens and other venues; in this case the aspects of “wedding” that the Botanical Gardens would frown upon were not an issue. There is an enormous difference in the logistics for a venue between 1. myself, Tiffany, and our couple having a five minute ceremony, and 2. a huge chairs-and-an-aisle production of a wedding. In this case we considered the reasons that the Botanical Gardens probably would not want weddings there, and we realized that none of those issues were a problem so we went ahead with our plans.


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