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experiments with prisming & senior photography awesomeness

Creative Professional Headshot Photography by Maggie Winters (9)

So I’ve been wanting to try prisming for the. longest. time. I talked Anna into letting me test shoot on her during her senior photography session, and we accidentally scheduled for yesterday right before the inauguration started, four blocks away from all the closures! (Whoops) Miraculously, traffic was absolutely a dream and we got some really awesome shots at/around the Hense DC insaneartchurchbuildingmystery.

Creative Senior Photography by Maggie Winters (8)

Senior Portraits for Awesome High Schoolers! | Arlington Photography

Arlington Senior Portrait Photography 01

One of the most awesome things about living in the city where I grew up is that I meet people who went to my elementary school/high school/etc., and Jackie happens to have gone to both! [That’s Nottingham Elementary and Yorktown High, if you’re wondering :) ]

I can’t believe I haven’t shot an official senior portrait before today. Crazy! I used to photograph my friends all the time in high school, but never a “senior portrait”. So Jackie is my official guinea pig and first senior session ever! We had a great time walking around Old Town, and randomly happened upon a videography student who asked if he could do a story on us, so we might just have a little video to show too!

After having such an awesome time creating these portraits, I’m officially offering senior portraiture to local high school seniors looking for the most fun, craziest, and of course most awesome senior portraits! Email me to book a Fall session and have the coolest senior shots in town.

Arlington Virginia Senior Portrait Photography 02