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how to: prep your home for a photo session

It’s no secret that I love photographing in the homes of my families. It’s so much fun to capture you in the place you’ve decorated and lived in and now call home. The backdrop might be a favorite piece of art, or a brand new kitchen, or the tail of the family pet. Any way you slice it, it’s too much fun!

Sometimes it can be intimidating to welcome a photographer into your home knowing that your it will be immortalized forever on film. But that’s the fun part guys! I promise.

Since I don’t do a whole lot of crazy editing, here are a few things that you can do around the house so it looks like the best version of itself.

In Home Photo Session Ideas with Maggie Winters

1. If there’s something you’ve been putting off, like hanging a new print or changing the blankets on the bed, the time is now! If you do it before the photos, you’ll have proof of the awesome. Doublewin.

Creative Offbeat Maternity Family Photography DC

dylan’s newborn photo session | newborn lifestyle photography

Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Maggie Winters (16)This newborn lifestyle photography session with Dylan and his parents reminded me exactly what I adore about newborn photography. I walked into their beautiful house right near where I grew up and was immediately taken with their style–everything was modern and beautiful and their bedrooms are drenched in gorgeous sunlight! Oh yeah, and Dylan is THE cutest thing, which made the entire session a breeze!

Prisming Newborn Photographer Maggie Winters (25)

Presley’s Home | Arlington VA Newborn Photography

Lifestyle Newborn Photography by Maggie Winters (18)

There’s something absolutely magical about newborn photography. Seeing a new little human who has only lived a few days–sleepy and tiny but with so much personality already–it’s sort of totally crazy. I photographed Katie & Graham’s maternity session a few months ago (which I just realized I haven’t blogged yet and will get that one up soon!). After meeting those two I couldn’t wait to meet their daughter Presley (and their two cat kids).

Lifestyle Family Photography by Maggie Winters (16)

Thomas’s Adventures at Home | Alexandria Family Photography

Alexandria Family Photographer (34)

Thomas might just be one of the happiest babies I’ve met. He was excited for hugs and loved being thrown up in the air (because who doesn’t?!), and has the cutest little smile! Plus, I got to photograph the family dog too since our session was at Thomas’s house. I love when family pets wiggle their way into the photos–it’s so cute to see kid+pet friendships.

Alexandria Family Photography (9)

2012 :: favorites & musings

I’ve been looking through this year’s images for the past few days but didn’t quite get to finish looking through them all. So, I’m sure I’m missing a few, but here are a bunch of my favorite shots from 2012. It’s been a really awesome year. My proofing site swears I delivered 24,501 images this year (which is crazy hard to believe). There has been so much driving, so much coffee, so little sleep, but overall way too much fun.

2013 should be interesting. I’ll be twenty-three. I’ll be graduating from the Corcoran with a BFA in graphic design in May. It’ll be the third year of Maggie Winters Photography. All of these adult things. I’ll be looking forward to hanging out and doing all kinds of fun-as-hell stuff even more this year, so I can forget that I’m supposed to be a grown up!

To everyone I’ve met this year in this crazy photographic endeavor: thank you for being awesome. Happy new year.

Here’s to an evenmoreawesome 2013!

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Jackets, Leaves, & Cookies | Alexandria Family Photographer

Photography for Awesome People DC (29)

Winter photo sessions are always an adventure–weather-wise, we never quite know! I met Hailey and her parents in Old Town, Alexandria last week; it was a bit chilly but we still had a great time exploring. Toddlers are always fun for photography, because they tend to have lots of opinions, which make the photos a total reflection of their little sizes and huge personalities. We watched planes take off, wandered around King Street, and Hailey ate a cookie almost as big as her face! We had way too much fun, and I can’t wait to see Hailey and her parents again!

Cora’s Georgetown Adventures | DC Family Photographer

Well, I’ve been out shooting so much lately that I’ve been slackin on the blogging! I’ll be posting tons of catch-up posts over the holiday season–soo many fun sessions lately!

Today I got to see Cora, a toddler I first met when she was the cutest little baby–just a few months old–and haven’t seen in over a year. She is running, talking, and of course she loved to push the ‘clicky button’ on my camera (it’s a big favorite with the kiddos). She snapped a really cool shot of Dad (I’ll label it later in the post). It was pretty chilly out, but Cora and her parents are styled beautifully and they look awesome in winter layers!

Fun family photo session Washington DC 002
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Smiles & Sweaters | Fall Glen Echo Family Photography

Family Photography Inspiration (6)

It’s no secret that Glen Echo is one of my favorite places for family photography! Although the train car at the front of the park mysteriously disappeared (does anyone know where it went?), we still had a great time photographing among the leaves and whimsical signage. But Glen Echo Park has a special significance for this family–both parents used to work there!