Maggie Sottero dress for $500!

I stumbled upon this shop last week and couldn’t believe my eyes! It’s a place for brides to buy and sell bridal attire–everyone knows bridal gowns are crazy expensive, and you only wear it once. Many brides I’ve spoken with can’t quite wrap their minds around spending thousands of dollars on a dress to wear for one day, and then hang it in the closet forever.

Enter Recycled Bride! They have really affordable dresses–around $500, it seems–and carry name brands too. They also carry shoes and accessories to finish up the look. And if you’re already married, you can sell your wedding dress free! (Although they do charge to sell more than one item.)

Oh yeah, and for stylish grooms and bridesmaids–they have goodies for you too! Check out that goofy fedora below.

This Fedora is for sale in Arlington!

So if you’d rather spend your wedding fund on a venue, band, or the honeymoon–head over and take a look!

Note: Recycled Bride didn’t pay me to write this–I just like to showcase stuff that I think my clients can benefit from.

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